Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blu-ray Hall of Fame

In our most recent episode, we discussed adding a section to this blog listing our inductees into the Blu-ray Hall of Fame, designed as a means to recognise and celebrate the very best visual presentations of films in high definition. Here is that list as it currently stands:

  • Episode 1: MOULIN ROUGE! (Region A USA, 20th Century Fox)
  • Episode 2: N/A
  • Episode 3: ALIEN (Region ABC UK, 20th Century Fox)
  • Episode 4: THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Region ABC UK, 20th Century Fox)
  • Episode 5: N/A
  • Episode 6: THELMA & LOUISE (Region A USA, 20th Century Fox/MGM)
  • Episode 7: SILENT HILL (Region ABC France, Metropolitan Film & Video)
  • Episode 8: N/A
  • Episode 9: ALICE COLD IN ALEX (Region B UK, Optimum)
  • Episode 10: N/A
  • Episode 11: N/A
  • Episode 12: BLOW OUT (Region A USA, Criterion)
  • Episode 13: SUPER 8 (Region ABC USA, Paramount)

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