Thursday, 26 January 2012

Movie Matters #14 - Top 10 of 2011

In this bumper length special edition of the Movie Matters podcast, co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie cast their eyes back over the previous twelve months, celebrating the best (and worst) of 2011. In addition to their own personal Top 10 lists, the duo also reveal lists submitted by listeners and pick out some anticipated titles for the coming year.

The music sampled in this episode is from HANNA, DRIVE, TRUE GRIT, ARRIETTY, 13 ASSASSINS, ANGELS OF EVIL and BLACK SWAN.

Please note that we have NOT been able to play every single MP3 list we received. The response was far greater than we were expecting and some of the submitted MP3s were a little on the long side, which would have resulted in what was already a four-hour epic being extended to somewhere approaching the five-hour mark. As a result, we have played the first three MP3s we received and are holding the rest back for a standalone mini-episode to be made available in the near future. We hope you understand and are not too disappointed not to have had your clips featured in the episode itself.

Created by Lee Howard & Michael Mackenzie
Edited by Michael Mackenzie


  1. Was Black Swan 2011? Shite. That is definitely worthy of my 2011 top 10.

  2. Bollocks....and Submarine too? That's in my top 10 of all time. I thought it was 2010. Can you tell I'm listening as I type?! Haha

  3. Hey Mark,

    Black Swan is a bit of a grey area - released in the US in 2010, but didn't make its way over here till 2011. Depending on your criteria for what constitutes a 2011 release, it may or may not qualify.

  4. I'm surprised I didn't consider it when going over, must have slipped off my radar/presumed it 2010. I'd definitely substitute some for both Black Swan and Submarine. Oh well hehe

  5. Michael - Totally agree w/ you on True Grit. It made my #5 for 2010, but I didn't think it was nearly as good as most people thought. Yoi need to see more Coens!

  6. Re True Grit, I still think the original novel beats both movie versions now, but the Coen's take was far better than the clean and tidy Hollywoodised old west of John Wayne. Got to love the Coens-The Big Lebowski is probably my 2nd favourite film, behind Withnail and I