Thursday, 11 October 2012

Movie Matters #16 - Sci-fi double bill

Co-hosts Lee Howard and an uncharacteristically cantankerous Michael Mackenzie take a look at two of the science fiction genre's more unusual and divisive offerings from recent years: Panos Cosmatos' dark, dystopian BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW and William Eubank's ambitious meditation on the human condition, LOVE. Lee and Michael also catch up on films they've been watching recently and upcoming cinema releases they're looking forward to.


The music sampled in this episode is from BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW by Jeremy Schmidt and LOVE by Angels & Airwaves.

Created by Lee Howard & Michael Mackenzie
Edited by Michael Mackenzie


  1. Hey fellas,

    Nice ep.
    Yeah, it's true I have a pretty big boner for BTBR.
    I don't see it/don't feel I can "review" it like any other film.
    To me, it's like a painting or a piece of art or a mood - it doesn't need a message or narrative.
    It's true that the ending just kind of happens and isn't exciting, but isn't that the way life is sometimes?
    Part of it might be that I saw it for the first time in 35mm at the Boston Film Festival in April at a one-time late-night showing and it was just a breath of fresh air, for me. A total experience unlike many (or any) I had ever had at a movie theater.

    As far as The Muppets goes, it did lose a star for me on my 2nd viewing. I think it is good, but I DID grow up with The Muppets and the new film just falls slightly flat overall, compared to the show and the first 2 films.

    Side note: Henry Selick also directed the band Fishbone's video for their song "Party At Ground Zero". A few days ago I was watching a video that they released, which includes music videos and footage of the band and making statements and I was floored to see his name in the credits!

  2. Thanks for listening Dan and kudos to you for sticking to you guns regarding BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW. I think a film like that (& LOVE by the same token) are recent and telling examples of just how wonderfully subjective films are. The context in which you come to see a film, plus the physical situation you're in when you do, are key factors in shaping how you process what's on screen.

  3. I always enjoy listening to you guys talk, even when it's about films I've never seen.
    I haven't seen The Innkeepers yet and would love to watch it before your Halloween ep but Netflix only has the DVD and I'd prefer to watch the BD. Vudu has an HD rental for $4.99 and and HDX rental version for $5.99 (, so maybe I'll get around to it before your ep.

    The Raid was decent (saw it in the theater), but I thought it was a letdown, particularly because of all the praise HEAPED upon it.